Music Festival Results

Published on April 30, 2014
Nell Cameron of Meadowville plays Bourée in G Minor during the New Glasgow Music Festival on Tuesday. CAROL DUNN – SPECIAL TO THE NEWS

Brass Solo, Intermediate

Luke Henderson – 1st

Hannah Greene – 2nd

Nicole Corkum – 3rd



Woodwind Solo, Junior

Naomi MacMillan – 1st

Miranda Goodman – 2nd

Laura Sellers – 3rd


Traditional Folk Song Solo 9 -10 years

Hannah Bryard – 1st

Campbell Hayman – 2nd

Justin Skinner – 3rd


Brass Duet, Senior

Nathaniel Jenkins and Julian Marzun – 1st


Woodwind Duet, Junior

Kate Addison and Deanna Mann – 1st


Woodwind Duet, Senior

Casey Romain and Saydie Sutherland – 1st


Brass Concert Group, Intermediate

Luke Henderson – 1st

Nicole Corkum – 2nd


Brass Concert Group, Senior

Nathaniel Jenkins – 1st


Sacred Aria Solo, Soprano Open

Skylar Cameron- 1st


Lieder Female Voice

Skylar Cameron – 1st


Vocal Solo Tenor, 19 years and older

Marcel d’Entremont – 1st


Vocal Solo, Girl 17-18

Sarah English – 1st

Laycie Sutherland – 2nd

Julianne Munro – 3rd


Sacred Aria Solo, Baritone, 16-18 years

Nicholas Higgs – 1st


Sacred Aria Solo, Tenor, Open

Marcel d’Entremont – 1st


Operatic Solo, Baritone 16-18 years

Nicholas Higgs, 1st


Vocal Solo, Boy, 13-15 years, changed voice

Jesse Hemmings – 1st

Kaelan Schmidt – 2nd


Piano Solo, Contemporary, Intermediate

Julianna Munro – 1st


Piano Solo, 13 years and under

Madison Spurr – 1st


Piano Solo, 15 years and under

Molly Gunn – 1st

Tara Sutherland – 2nd

Victoria Straub – 2nd


Piano Solo, 16 years and under

Amy Ward – 1st


Piano Duet, 14 years and under

Nicole Clements and Kaitlin Kelly – 1st


Piano Duet, Senior

Alexandra MacDougall, Nathaniel Jenkins – 1st


Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Jr. (under 18)

Emma Cameron – 1st

Annette Diao – 2nd


Piano Duet, Open

Alexandra MacDougall, Julian Khoury – 1st


Jazz, Rags-Pop, 15 years and under

Luke Henderson – 1st


Provincial/National Vocal Performance

Anna Bond – 1st

Marcel d’Entremont – 2nd

Vocal Duet, Girls, 13-15 years

Melissa Hayne, Morgan Pye – 1st


Sacred Aria Solo, Soprano, 16-18 years

Laycie Sutherland – 1st

Julianne Munro – 2nd

Regan Keay – 3rd


Vocal Solo, Soprano only, 19 years and over

Skylar Cameron – 1st


Lieder, Male Voice, 15 years and under

Jesse Hemmings – 1st


Lieder, Female Voice, 15 years and under

Nicole Ross – 1st


Lieder Female Voice, 16-18 years

Sarah English – 1st

Julianna Munro – 2nd

Laycie Sutherland – 3rd


Operatic Solo, Soprano, Open

Skylar Cameron – 1st


Canadian Song, Girl or Boy, 15 years and over

Meagan Kettley – 1st

Kaelan Schmidt – 2nd


Lieder, Male Voice, 16 – 18 years

Nicholas Higgs – 1st

Rachel MacIvor – 2nd

Carleigh Halliday – 3rd


Vocal Concert 17 -18 years

Julianne Munro – 1st

Laycie Sutherland – 2nd


Piano Solo, Contemporary, Senior

Nicholas Higgs – 1st


Piano Solo, Baroque, Intermediate

Amy Ward – 1st

Luke Henderson – 2nd

Emma Cameron – 2nd

Sean McNeill – 2nd

Piano Trio, Open

Alexandra MacDougall, Nathaniel Jenkins and Juliana Khoury – 1st


Jazz, Rags and Pop, 18 years and under

Annette Diao – 1st


Piano Solo, Canadian, Senior

Mallory MacDermid – 1st


Piano Solo, Contemporary, Junior

Katherine Purvis – 1st

Lucas March, Emma Cameron – 2nd

Molly Gunn, Tara Sutherland – 3rd


Piano Solo, 13 years and under

Mila Walst – 1st

Aliyah Fraser – 2nd

Elise Johnson – 3rd

Jana Hendrican – 3rd


Piano Solo, 14 years and under

Kaitlin Kelly – 1st

Nicole Clements – 2nd

Laura Sellers – 3rd


Vocal Solo Girl 15-16 years

Regan Keay – 1st

Carleigh Halliday – 2nd

Alec Benson – 3rd


Sacred Solo Girl 13-14 years

Camryn Halliday – 1st

Ainslie Murray – 2nd

Nicole Ross – 3rd



Sacred Solo Boy, 13 -15 years

Jesse Hemmings


Sacred Solo Girl, 11-12 years

Leah McPherson – 1st

Cameron Osgood – 2nd

Bailey Cameron – 3rd


Vocal Concert Group, 13-14 years

Jesse Hemmings – 1st

Nicole Ross – 2nd

Laura Sellers – 2nd

Miranda Goodman – 3rd


Vocal Solo Boy 16-18 years

Nicholas Higgs – 1st


Piano Solo, Sonatina, Intermediate

Katherine Purvis – 1st

Emma Cameron – 2nd

Luke Henderson – 2nd

Sean MacNeill – 3rd

Amy Ward – 3rd


Piano Sonata, Senior

Nicholas Higgs – 1st

Stephen Peters – 2nd

Mallory MacDermid – 3rd


Piano Solo, 18 years and under

Julianne Munro – 1st


Piano Solo, Contemporary, Elementary

Emma Martin – 1st

Aliyah Fraser – 2nd

Kaitlin Kelly – 3rd

Adam MacDonald – 3rd


Vocal Solo, Girl, 10 years and under

Annika Murray – 1st

Hannah Bryant – 2nd

Reese Richards – 2nd

Megan MacEachern -3rd

Grace Henshaw – 3rd


Vocal Solo, Girl, 11 years and under

Bailey Cameron – 1st


Vocal Solo, Girl, 12 years and under

Cameron Osgood – 1st

Leah MacPherson – 2nd

Katryn Brew – 3rd


Vocal Solo, Girl, 13 years and under

Miranda Goodman – 1st