Adult education plays big role at NSCC

Published on April 8, 2014
From left, NSCC Pictou campus librarian Debbie Kaleva, Community services librarian for Pictou/Antigonish Regional Library Trecia Schell, NSCC graduate Donald Norris, NSCC Pictou campus Principal David Freckleton and Writer in Residence and author Sheree Fitch. 
Kayla Fraser – The News

Adult Learners’ Week in Nova Scotia held an event Tuesday at the Nova Scotia Community College Pictou campus in Stellarton for adult learners.

One learner in particular was Donald Norris. He had difficulty going to school as a child due to a mental disorder. But in June 2013, he graduated from NSCC through adult education.

“I was very proud I crossed that stage. It was like a dream.”

Growing up in Salt Springs, his mother was always determined to get his education.

“Without my mom, I wouldn’t be here today.”

He went to NSCC as an adult and took English in Adult Education.

“I’m quite proud with what I’ve got.”

NSCC Pictou campus principal David Freckleton said his proudest moment from last year was when Norris crossed the stage at graduation.

“I’m proud of a lot of things being principal, but when I saw Donald walk across that stage, knowing from where he came and what he accomplished, that epitomized to me what we’re all about here at NSCC.”

Adult Learners’ Week is a campaign across Nova Scotia to promote lifelong learning and create awareness that one can always get education, regardless of age.

It is also a time to highlight the community groups and organizations and schools, that all come together to celebrate the efforts that put together to make communities a better place through encouraging continuing education and learning experiences.

Community Services Librarian for the Pictou/Antigonish Regional Library Trecia Schell said adult learning impacts the economies, the community, and the future.

“Having an education is invaluable.”

Schell said part of the goal it to envision a culture that supports lifelong learning in Nova Scotia.

“Our mission is to sponsor and promote local and provincial activities that provide an opportunity to networking among all involved in lifelong learning, to create lifelong learning opportunities throughout the province, and to promote opportunities for lifelong learning.”

Sheree Fitch, the Pictou/Antigonish Writer in Residence for this year spoke about why she is passionate about adult education.

“As an I adult, I keep on learning, so I think it’s a lifelong thing. It just means to be human everyday. You know, I’m learning, so it never ends.”

She was very happy to meet Donald Norris and said he’s an inspiration to her.

“Every adult learner who goes back to school and makes that commitment and that sacrifice, they need a whole team of people to support them. I was very impressed by the principal of the college, to the teachers, to the tutors. There is a real team that goes to helping somebody achieve their dreams.”

Norris said learning as an adult means a lot to him.

“It’s a second chance to prove to yourself and to the community that you can do more than you think you can.”

Education is very important to him, he said.

“It’s a right, and sometimes you have to fight for it.”