Voting for Sound of Youth acts begins

Five acts have been selected for deCoste Centre competition

John Brannen
Published on May 12, 2014

Five acts have been selected from the three high schools in Pictou County (NNEC, NRHS and PA) to compete in The deCoste Sound of Youth Music Competition.

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The prizes to be awarded include two recording sessions; one produced by Dave Gunning at Wee House of Music and the other by Gord Stensrud at Sea Level Sound. Gift cards from H&R Music totaling $600 will also be awarded.


Ann MacGregor, Jason Brushett and Ashley George will select the winning acts at the concert on June 5. Videos of the top five have been posted for online voting on the deCoste site and facebook page.

The five acts competing for these prizes are as follows: from P.A; “Echo” from NRHS; “The Third Step” and a duo featuring Maddie Fleming and Mallory MacDermid, and from NNEC; a duo featuring Joel MacNeil and Jenna Duggan, and a four-piece band featuring Sarah English, Cassie Mann, Evan Curley and Justin Kellock.

A special guest performance will be presented by Markus MacDonald, winner of the 2012 deCoste Sound of Youth Competition. Emcees for the concert will be Emily MacDonald and Isaac Young from Pictou Academy. The concert poster was designed by Morgan Baillie from NRHS. Students on the planning committee are Rayelle Canam and Isaac Young from Pictou Academy, Christine Ingham from NRHS and Hilary MacInnis from NNEC.

The sponsors making this event possible are as follows:  deCoste Centre, Advocate Printing and Publishing, VisionFire, Wee House of Music, Dave Gunning, Sea Level Sound, I.O.O.F, H&R Music, 94.1 East Coast FM, Morgan Baillie, North Nova Education Centre, Northumberland Regional High School and Pictou Academy.