Northern Pulp to remain operational for Royal Tour

Published on May 15, 2014
Northern Pulp first customer

ABERCROMBIE – As Pictou beautifies itself for the royal visitors, air quality in the area will remain unchanged.

Despite speculation on social media and elsewhere that Northern Pulp could cease operations during the Royal Tour in Pictou this Monday, the pulp mill will remain open and operational. 

“Our plan is to operate as per normal,” said David MacKenzie, governmental affairs and communications with Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation.

Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, will tour the Hector Heritage Quay on May 19.

While Northern Pulp does shut down operations for maintenance once a year, the timings weren’t close to this visit.

“This usually happens in the springtime, the next scheduled maintenance will be this fall,” said MacKenzie. “To my knowledge, the mill has never been closed for special visitors or events.”

This is mainly due to the fact that closing the mill for a few hours is, according to MacKenzie, extremely cost prohibitive.

“It’s extremely complex. You can’t just flick a switch to shut the operations down.”

He likened the operation to that of a human body, in which everything on site is dependent on something else.

“That’s the reason you do maintenance once a year. It would be very expensive just to shut for a few hours.”