Pictou says birds can now exit old post office

Published on May 15, 2014

PICTOU - Birds that call the former Pictou post office home can now move freely.

Under authority of the Municipal Government Act, a contractor was engaged by the town to install plywood on the exterior of former post office windows identified as a public safety hazard.

At that time, the town was not aware birds would have no means of exiting as there were other openings in the structure. Upon being informed that birds may have been encountering difficulty, the town re-engaged the contractor to establish openings in each panel of plywood installed.

Although town action never involved the third floor, most recently the town arranged for openings on that level.

The Town of Pictou was responding to the immediate threat of falling glass from second floor windows of the former Post Office Building located on Water Street.

The building in question is under private ownership.