Potential renaming of school angers some

Published on May 21, 2014
Dr. W.A. MacLeod School

PICTOU – Coun. Chester Dewar said residents in his district over plans to change the name of a local school.

Dewar told county councilors during a recent finance committee meeting that a letter was recently sent home with students from Dr. WA MacLeod School and Highland Consolidated School looking for suggestions for a potential name change for the school.

“I want a letter written that strongly opposes a change to the name of the school,” he said. “If I have to go door to door with a petition, I will and so will a lot of other people.  The MacLeod name has to stay.”

According to the policy of the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board when two schools join together, such as MacLeod and Highland Consolidated, the school has the option of appointing a naming committee and renaming the school.

As part of the process, the public is solicited for suggestions which is why a letter recently went home with students.

The Riverton school will soon be a primary to Grade 8 school since Highland Consolidated School students were forced to move into Dr. W.A. MacLeod last year after their own building in Westville had odor problems.


The CCRSB has voted not to reopen Highland Consolidated so Dr. W.A. MacLeod will be renovated to accommodate the Primary to Grade 8 students.

Dewar said he didn’t care what followed the MacLeod name, adding it could be called Dr. W.A MacLeod Highland Consolidated.

His only concern is that the MacLeod name stay on the school because it was named after “ a real gentleman in our community”.

“He was an old time doctor,” he said. “Why can’t they keep these names on our buildings? What is the rush? It is because we are bringing in a new catchment area of students?”

Committee members unanimously agreed to send off a letter in support of Dewar’s request for the MacLeod name to remain in tact.