Pictou man wins TOPS award for weight loss

Published on May 26, 2014
Stephen Morton now and then.

Stephen Morton is officially a king of weigh loss.
This past Saturday Morton was honoured by TOPS for the weight he lost.

TOPS Take Off Pounds Sensibly is a not for profit weight loss program that focuses on health ways to loose weight. Morton became a member at the urging of his wife, who was a member herself.

Morton lost and kept off 38 pounds for which he was named the Nova Scotia King.

At TOPS meetings Morton said they tell you the proper way to eat and exercise.

He listened and “The weight just fell off me,” he said.

Throughout his married life he said he had never weighed under 205 poounds and was pushing 240 when he started the program. Now he’s 198.

He said most of that was lost a couple pounds a week.

He cut out unhealthy food and started doing a lot of walking. Together they walk between 60 and 70 kilometres a week. If he’s able to stick to his goals, he rewards himself at the end of the week with an ice cream.

“We don’t eat out a lot and stay away from anything friend and salty.”

He said he feels a lot better now and encourages others who want to lose weight to try out the program.

He said it’s important to talk to your doctor and determine what is a healthy weight for you to be at.

The local TOPS group meets every Tuesday night at the Oddfellow Home in Pictou.



Name:  Stephen Morton

Hometown:  Pictou

Highest weight:  238           

Goal:  200

Pounds lost:  38

Former size:  40

Current size:  36