Eighteen pre-primary graduate Four Plus at Acadia Street Elementary

Published on June 13, 2014
Isabella Clarke, 5, of New Glasgow was one 18 graduates of the Four Plus program at Acadia Street Elementary School Thursday. The program is designed for four-year-olds as a way to get them into the school curriculum and routine before they start Grade Primary. JOHN BRANNEN – THE NEWS

NEW GLASGOW – Ashley Brimicombe knew her son Ethan should socialize with other kids his age and start preparing for the elementary school environment.

But he was age four and just missed the cutoff to enrol in Grade Primary. That’s why she went with the Plus Four program.

“I had other friends who have put their children in the program and knew what it was about,” said Brimicombe. “It was just what he needed.”

After graduation ceremonies, when Ethan accepted his certificate along with 18 other Pictou County youth, she has no regrets.

“Oh it was great. He even had homework once a week.”

The Four Plus program, now in its 13th year, originally started with African-Nova Scotian youth. It has since opened to all four-year-olds.

“It’s basically like Grade Primary at a slower pace,” said teacher Melissa LeBlanc. “We cover everything from numbers and letters to colours.”

This year’s highlights include a trip to the corn maze in Truro, the New Glasgow fire station and participating in the MORE run.

This year’s graduates include: Ethan Brimicombe, Harley Cameron, Jayden Croft, Isabella Clarke, Teaia Desmond, Traelyn Desmond, Malik DeYoung, Lyla Luddington, Ethan Ryan, Tianna-Marie O’Laney, Mady Spence, Sophia Stewart, Mariah Wilkins, Ayden Borden, Payton Smeltzer, Cohen MacKenzie, Sophia Enman and Dana Cameron.



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