Benefits of Qigong being offered in session next week

Published on June 15, 2014

Zane de Noncourt demonstrates how to properly do Qigong. She will be hosting a two-day workshop at Glasgow Square on June 21 and 22 on the Chinese practice that balances the mind, body and spirit.


NEW GLASGOW – Fourteen years ago, Zane de Noncourt was burnt out.

Her A-type personality had taken its toll on her body and mind and she became ill from chronic fatigue and multiple sensitivities.

The Environmental Health Centre in Fall River calls it a deregulation of the autoimmune system.

“Most of us use our left brain so long, it’s like the elastic should stretch and bounce back to the zone or neutral area, but we keep ourselves out there so long that it won’t come back.”

She said there wasn’t much help available in standard medicine for such a condition. A big turning point for her was learning and practising qigong. She first learned it at a weekend workshop in Truro and continued to practise it, travelling to Vancouver, Austin, Texas, Truro and Pictou, Tatamagouche and Mahone Bay to study more.

She said Qigong has helped bring her back to centre and has allowed her access another part of her being.

Qigong was first introduced in Eastern Nova Scotia about 15 years ago by Dr. Rose Johnston, a medical doctor then practising in River John. She learned Sheng Zhen Qigong in Toronto, practised regularly and found it to be highly beneficial  “relaxing the body, quieting the mind, calming the emotions, and lifting one’s spirits,” just as her Qigong master had promised. Then, as she began teaching weekly and weekend classes in Qigong, she also saw in her students, that Qigong revitalizes, reduces stress, tones tendons and ligaments, increases range of motion, improves balance, and also lifts one’s mood and optimism, allowing for more and more contentment in one’s life.

She said Qigong can be practised by persons of any age or fitness level, and does not need any special equipment. It can be practised indoors or outdoors, and needs very little space. It can be practised alone, or in a group. Most people find that the benefits and enjoyment are exponential when practised in a group setting, hence the people doing it in the parks.

De Noncourt will be hosting an introductory weekend of Sheng Zhen Qigong Glasgow Square, June 21 and 22. This is open to anyone interested in practising qigong, and will be of benefit to both beginners and more advanced practitioners. The forms taught will include moving, standing and sitting qigong (chair qigong!). Weather permitting, students will do some qigong in the park! One only needs the desire and intention to learn. Follow-ups will be offered for qigong practitioners wishing further instruction.

In August, Master Li, who has dedicated his life to Qigong for the past 15 years will visit Antigonish for an extended training session. He is coming to the province at the invitation of his Nova Scotia qigong students, but he has taught in Nova Scotia in the past at Tatamgouche, Pictou and Mahone Bay.  His sixth visit will be at St. FX University, Antigonish, from Aug. 5-15, where he will lead a 10-day international training session in Sheng Zhen Qigong. This is a rare and invaluable opportunity to learn from a true Qigong Master.

People can register for the June 21 and 22 workshop by contacting de Noncourt at 863-2840 or by email at