Mini Home expansion moving forward

Published on June 20, 2014
Blair van Veld of Twin Rivers Property stands in front of High Street Estates in New Glasgow. He said the company is moving forward with a 58-unit expansion and hopes to begin work on 10 units by this summer. JOHN BRANNEN – THE NEWS

NEW GLASGOW – The expansion of a mini-home park on High Street is a go.

That’s according to Blair van Veld of Twin Rivers Properties who noted that the preliminary work is done and construction on 10 units should begin this summer.

“We just need another permit signed as part of the development agreement with the town of New Glasgow,” said van Veld.

While the original plan had called for an expansion of 76 units but a wetlands at the edge of High Street has curtailed that plan. Van Veld said he’s fine with the reduction to 56 units.

“We’re down 20 units but it’s a lot better than wrecking a wetlands.”

Phase one of the expansion will start with 10 new lots along an extension of existing road through High Street Estates.

An environmental engineer delineated the wetlands and, while there will be no construction on that site, the wetlands will be used as a catch basin to handle any storm runoff.

“The engineer said it would be a perfect solution.”

Currently, van Veld is looking for newer units to move onto the soon-to-be-built rental lots. Once in place he noted the hookup for water, sewer and power are fairly simple.

There had originally been plans for a second entrance to the estates once the expansion was complete but this has been scrapped.

Construction is also ongoing across the road on apartments. The developer of that project could not be reached at press time.