NRHS valedictorian gives grads their last laugh

Published on June 27, 2014

ALMA – As Northumberland Regional High School graduates sat in the same room for the last time, they all shared something – a laugh.

Valedictorian Connor Hines’s speech was riddled with jokes, and some honesty.

“On behalf of our entire grad class, I would like to thank the makers of Google, Wikipedia and copy and paste. For without those blissful little inventions, many of us, including myself, would not be here today.”

He shared memories of phone calls home, chats with Mrs. Ervin, some creative cheating on a French test, as well as hopes for the future.

“As I look out upon my graduating peers, I see doctors, lawyers, teachers and a minority, but ever-shining abundance, of Walmart greeters.”

Though much of the speech was an attempt to get students to crack a smile, it wasn’t without some reflection.

“It is to the degree that you resist the most pivotal changes in your life that slow you down and make you miss what may hold the greatest promise all because you fear the unknown. I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. In life, all is unknown.”

He asked that his fellow graduates embrace change, and ensured them that they’d make the right choices as long as they remain true to themselves.

“Here’s to all those phone calls home, the tests gone wrong, the double frees that turned into triples, the sick days that were really Netflix and sweet chili heat days, the friends that we had met, and to the dark times where you realized the beautiful fact that you’re your own best friend. Here’s to you grads.”

A complete list of award winners from Northumberland along with the other two high schools in the county will appear in Monday’s edition.