Fishermen land 252-pound halibut at Digby wharf

Published on June 4, 2014

Stew Taylor and Matt and Hayden Amero pose with the 252-pound halibut caught on the Terminator about six kilometres off Digby Gut on Tuesday, June 3.

Jonathan Riley photo

Stew Taylor caught this week’s quota of halibut in no time at all.

Longlining about six kilometres off Digby Gut he caught a 252-pound halibut at the end of his first tub and starting on the second tub, he caught a 176-pounder.

Add to that one little 70-pounder and he filled his 500-pound weekly quota on three tubs of gear on Tuesday, June 3.

“It wasn’t looking good this week,” he said at the wharf in Digby. “The tides were all wrong and I thought I’d just set three tubs and see.”

Taylor, fishing on the Terminator with his wife Joan and crew Matt Amero, found a little spot between a couple balloons (or large buoys marking lobster trawls) and set his gear this morning.

This evening when he hauled in the hooks, he discovered the biggest fish he had ever caught.

Taylor had caught a 240-pounder before.

He says it took them 45 minutes to get the big fish up over the sides of the Terminator.

Just last week, Beau Gillis of Freeport caught a 219-pound halibut longlining in the Bay of Fundy.