Stellarton declines policing proposal from New Glasgow

Published on June 4, 2014

NEW GLASGOW – The Town of New Glasgow received official word Wednesday that Stellarton is declining its regional policing proposal.

The chair of the Stellarton police commission indicated that the town would maintain the status quo with its own municipal police force for the time being, the Town of New Glasgow said in a news release.

New Glasgow deputy mayor Jack Lewis, who is also that town’s police commission chair, expressed disappointment in Stellarton’s decision.

“We provided a very thorough proposal to Stellarton that would have provided police services in a very fiscally responsible and prudent manner and we believe would have significantly enhanced policing services for the citizens of Stellarton,” Lewis said in the release.

At one point, New Glasgow had decided to pull out of the proposal process, citing a lack of information provided by Stellarton. The two later met for discussion and agreed to go ahead. The New Glasgow Regional Police Service proposal was submitted on Nov. 4.

In its quest for an alternative, less-costly approach to policing, Stellarton had been considering a number of options, including the proposal from New Glasgow, an arrangement with Westville, contracting with the RCMP or status quo.