Man gets house arrest for assault that required surgery

Published on June 9, 2014

PICTOU – A New Glasgow man has received a 12-month conditional sentence for breaking the jaw of another man. 

Jordan Darryl Lee Wournell, 21, will serve six months of this sentence under house arrest after pleading guilty to assault causing bodily harm in relation to an incident in September 2013.

Crown Attorney Jodi McNeill told court that police began investigating the assault after receiving a complaint from a man who said he was punched by Wournell when they were in downtown New Glasgow.

The victim said he was “sucker punched” by the accused. He had to have surgery on his jaw and, as a result, it was wired shut.

McNeill said the two men were “chirping” at each other and Wournell challenged the victim to a fight. The victim said he was too intoxicated to fight and the next thing he felt was a blow to the side of his face. Dazed by the punch, he asked his friend what happened and he was told he was “sucker punched” because after the assault Wournell ran away from the scene.

Wournell told his lawyer he felt threatened by the victim at the time and that they had been known to each other. However, his lawyer Stephen Robertson said there wasn’t any evidence to support that his client was being threatened, only that he felt this way.

“It was a mistake on my part and I take full responsibility,” Wournell told Judge Del Atwood during his sentencing. “It is in the past now and I want to move on. It won’t happen again.”

Atwood sentenced Wournell to the lengthy CSO in part to send a message of deterrence to society since this type of crime in downtown New Glasgow is getting to be far too common.

“Downtown New Glasgow is an area of ongoing concern,” he said, adding that court often hears cases of men who use violence while in the downtown core that require the police to be called in and result in people getting hurt.

He said law-abiding citizens are beginning to see the downtown area as a “combat zone” and something must be done to deter this type of behaviour.

“The best thing to do if you encounter this type of situation is to walk in the opposite direction and leave immediately,” Atwood said.

He told Wournell that the situation could have been much worse because court often sees cases of fights that result in someone getting seriously hurt or even killed.

In addition to the 12 months’ CSO, the accused has also been ordered to pay $750 in victim surcharge fines within the next nine months.

“A CSO is intended to crimp your lifestyle for the next 12 months, but you are accustomed to hard work and I know you will get through this,” Atwood told Wournell.