UPDATED: Stellarton, Trenton, Westville to study services

Published on July 16, 2014
Stellarton Councillor George Megeney on behalf of Mayor Joe Gennoe, Westville Mayor Roger MacKay, and Trenton Mayor Glen MacKinnon held a press conference in Westville council chambers Wednesday afternoon to announce a service study. AMANDA JESS - THE NEWS  

Three towns are collaborating in an effort to analyze the costs of service delivery.

In an effort to make a quick and informed decision when New Glasgow, Pictou and the Municipality of Pictou County release their memorandum of understanding, the towns of Trenton, Westville and Stellarton will be examining various services for a “service delivery review study.”

The towns were quick to say that it is not a governance study.

“It’s about identifying areas that can be shared to save money for our citizens and to improve service to our citizens,” Stellarton Coun. George Megeney said on behalf of Mayor Joe Gennoe during a press conference in Westville on Wednesday.

Trenton Mayor Glen MacKinnon elaborated, stating it’s simply a way to gather information that would allow them to answer questions for their residents when they ask what a change in service would mean for them, regarding cost savings and the effectiveness of the service.

“This is information that is going to be needed for us to continue to push forward on a regional basis,” he said.

An invitation has been extended to the three other municipal units.

So far, they’ve received a response from New Glasgow stating that they’re not prepared to participate at this time.

Chief administrative officer for New Glasgow Lisa MacDonald said the council is very dedicated to the MOU, in response to why they declined.

She went on to say that when looking back on problems that arose with projects the municipal units have tried to collaborate on, such as the Pictou County Wellness Centre, governance plays a critical part.

Stellarton, Trenton and Westville will be examining all services and creating a list of priorities ranked with cost and efficiency.

They hope to have the study finished by the end of August.

Meanwhile, MacDonald said the MOU is in its final stages of drafting, and waiting for a final review from all three partnering units before they present it to the three other towns.



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