Lobster catches high, prices low

Published on July 2, 2014

RIVER JOHN – Lobster season ended on Monday in the Northumberland Strait, leaving Ronald Heighton, Northumberland Fishermen’s Union president, a chance to reflect.  

While catches were good this lobster season, prices were not, he said.

He said prices started off better than last year, though still low, but ended up dipping by 50 cents between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

“That’s a big thing, you know. That 50 cents a pound is pure profit,” he said. “Every cent counts and 50 cents is quite a bit.”

After the drop, prices sat at $3.25 for canners and $3.75 for markets, the same price that prompted fishermen to walk off the job in protest last year.

He’s not sure of the reasoning behind the drop, but hopes to get the opportunity to talk to buyers about it.

He notes that prices on Prince Edward Island were higher, even after the drop, a fact that surprised him given the added expense of trucking on the island and ferry costs.

He says often their prices are higher or on par with PEI.

“There’s something wrong. What it is, I don’t know.”