Scammer tries to trick New Glasgow woman

Published on July 25, 2014

A New Glasgow woman wants to warn others in town not to fall prey to fraud attempts from people through the phone.

The woman, who declined to give her name, said she received a call this week from someone telling her that her grandson was in an accident and needed money.

She naturally was worried about her grandson and when she heard that he needed $3,000 right away, she wanted to help.

The person said he’d call back with the place to send it.

As soon as she hung up with the caller, the woman called her grandson, who told her that he was at work and hadn’t been in an accident.

When the person called back to give the place to send the money, the woman told him off.

“If you need money, get a job,” she told him.

The response was language, she wouldn’t repeat.

Const. Ken Macdonald of the New Glasgow police said this is a common scam that recirculates from time to time. He said people should never give out information over the phone or agree to send money, especially without checking to make sure that the story is true.

“This one here is basically a crime of opportunity,” he said. “A lot of these focus on grandsons or sons being hurt. They’re trying to gain some sort of false trust.”