Strawberry season short and sweet

Published on July 28, 2014

Strawberry season is almost over at local U-Picks in Pictou County

George Dorie, walks slowly up to the booth to pay Peter MacLean for a box of strawberries he had just picked and cracks a joke about how he’s glad he’s not picking for a cent a box like he did when he was a kid.

“At our age anything is slow, but we got four boxes,” says his wife Tiny, who was out for the adventure with her beau.

“I picked two boxes and had to get her over to help me up,” said George.

She said they always like getting out to pick together.

“When you can’t buy them in the store you have to do something else,” she says.

For others taking part in the U-Pick is a matter of taste.

“There’s nothing better than getting fresh strawberries,” said J’aime Hubley. “Much better than the ones you get in the grocery store.”

She was picking with her friend Monica Rogers who is planning to make jam out of the berries to give out as favours at her wedding.

Monica’s daughter Kacey, who is one and a half, wasn’t waiting until the wedding day. She had some red stains around her lips from some sampling in the field.

Kennedy Avery, is another youngster out enjoying some time picking strawberries. She is four and came with her aunt Violet MacFarlane.

“This is our special thing,” MacFarlane said. “The kids love it. It gives them something to do.”

The Durham based U-Pick is just finishing the season. Overall it’s been a good but short year, said MacLean. Most summers they pick for about a month. This year the season lasted about three weeks.

“There was so much heat everything was ripening up a little smaller than usual,” he said.

Those interested in picking can call 485-6158 to confirm whether the U-Pick is still open.

J & M Mountain Farms U-Pick in River John is now closed for the season.

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