Who turned out the lights?

Relax, they'll be back

Published on July 9, 2014
Lights at several intersections are out awaiting repairs and upgrades.

Don’t panic. The traffic lights at intersections in New Glasgow and Stellarton will come back on.

The town of New Glasgow is currently upgrading their lights at the intersections of  George Street and Riverside Parkway and George and Provost Street. They are going to be out of service for about a month. They are putting in new traffic poles and traffic light controllers.

In the meantime, stop signs are in places at both intersections.

In unrelated light news, in Stellarton at Bridge and Foord, the pole was hit by a truck and damaged beyond repair, says engineer Bob Funke.

While it may seem like a simple procedure to put new lights back up, Funke said that the manufacturers of the poles required are few and far between.

The poles they require are made of spun aluminum and are purchased through a distributer in Halifax who brings them in from Quebec. Unfortunately few poles are alike.

“Nobody inventories these, because they’re pretty much custom. They’re not cheap poles,” Funke said. “You have to wait until the poles are manufactured. We expect delivery by the end of August.”

Poles range in cost from $800 to $1,500.

The Town of Stellarton has some capital upgrades happening in that area as it is so will probably time it to coincide.

In the meantime, Funke said it’s important for people to remember to treat the flashing lights as a four way stop.

Thankfully, with summer, the town isn’t dealing with school traffic, he said.