Man fined for lying about truck theft

Published on August 11, 2014
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PICTOU –  A Pictou Landing man was fined $1,500 for lying to police about his truck being stolen.

Kyle Allen Francis, 27, called police on the morning of March 30 to report that his half ton truck had been stolen, but a short after RCMP received this call, they received a second call from an another person saying the same truck was smashed into a power pole.

Francis quickly told police the truth after they relayed this information to him. He said he stayed at a party the night before and drove home in the morning.  He panicked when he got into the accident and lied to police about it being stolen.

He was given 12 months to pay the $1,500 as well as an additional $450 in victim surcharges.

Judge Del Atwood warned Francis that such public mischief offenses, such as filing false police reports, have the potential of tying up police and keeping them from other people who are need of police assistance.