Uncovering hidden talents and confidence

Published on August 14, 2014
Angela Rae and Heidi Guitard, two Scotsburn women, pose before a gala at the Tupperware Jubilee in Florida earlier this month.

Their trophies hung down to their ankles, visible reminders of their hard work over the past year. 

As Heidi Guitard and Angela Rae were asked about how they reached their goals during their first Tupperware Jubilee last week, they felt proud and supported.

Throughout the week, 3,000 active Tupperware consultants wore ribbons at a conference in Orlando, Florida, displaying each stage they’ve reached in their sales and recruiting with the company.

“Everyone deserves to feel that special,” Rae said about the experience.

The two Scotsburn women suspect only three Nova Scotian Tupperware consultants were in attendance at the conference.

Though they were the minority from their area code, they stood as representatives of the top-selling team in North America.

They’ve returned from their week of motivational catchphrases and tear-jerking storytelling, and it’s a bit of a culture shock.

“Where’s the applause? Where’s the music?” Guitard joked about entering her other place of employment, the head office at Sobeys.

Attending the Jubilee was a milestone in both Rae and Guitard’s involvement with the company, but it hasn’t been a success story from the beginning for Rae.

Her first party more than a year ago had only two people show, leaving her feeling embarrassed, but motivated to do better.

“I wanted to prove myself to my husband,” she said about why she continued, adding that she was stubborn.

By her next party, attendance had grown to eight people, and she convinced Guitard to sign up. 

Since then, she’s earned the title of star director, with Guitard as a director under her, and has done things she never imagined she could.

In July, Rae, who says she’s always been a shy person lacking in self-confidence, gave a speech to a group of more than 100 of her Tupperware peers.

“I wouldn’t have gotten out of my seat,” she said in response to a question about what she would’ve done if she were asked to publically speak before she joined the company.

Though Guitard says she’s always been outspoken, it’s been a boost for her confidence as well, she said, with family members noticing a change in her.

They believe in themselves because of the constant messages of reinforcement they hear when they share their story and rewards they receive when they reach their goals with Rae earning herself a substantial cash bonus and a trip to Disney.

“Everyday for 12 months, I said I’m going to get that,” Rae said about the rewards, furthering her motivation by posting photos of them on her fridge. 

Both women point towards their community as the reason they’ve been able to be successful.

 “The people in Scotsburn got us going,” Guitard said, adding that all of their friends and family purchasing Tupperware products from them has helped to build them up. They note that though the products aren’t local, they, as consultants, are.

“When people support us, that’s buying local as well.” 

Their income from Tupperware goes back into the community, Guitard said, from their purchases in local stores to sports programs they are able to afford to put their kids in.

Locally, they’re holding a fall launch party on Aug. 23 from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Express in Stellarton.

Though the community has been supportive, a lot of their success comes from team members in Western Canada, who they communicate with through social media, a tool that has enabled the long-standing company to continue. 



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