Westville to hold special meeting to discuss MOU

Published on August 25, 2014

WESTVILLE – There was no decision reached by the Town of Westville on the memorandum of understanding put forward by Pictou, New Glasgow and the Municipality of Pictou County during their town council meeting on Monday night.

With the MOU being signed on Friday the Town of Westville never received a copy from the three municipalities until Monday. They decided that they would hold a special meeting to discuss the MOU and whether they would participate because they didn’t feel they had enough time to look at it before their Monday meeting. The town had asked multiple times during the creation of the MOU to be involved in the discussions, but was not included.

According to the notice they received the three municipalities want an answer on if they will participate by Sept. 22.

Coun. Lynn MacDonald stated some concerns, one being that they’re asking for a minimum cost of $25,000 from each unit. She said her concern is that that amount could and “probably will” increase.

Her second concern was that they would not be able to bring any of their thoughts forward to be part of the MOU as she understood they need to accept it as is or not take part.

Mayor Roger MacKay stated he believed they would be able to include changes or additional information as part of the MOU if they decided to sign on. Council said they would determine this before their special meeting and discussion.