Stonehame Chalets could soon have new owner

Published on August 7, 2014

Stonehame Chalets

SCOTSBURN – A real estate company listing Stonehame Lodge and Chalets says it has an accepted offer for the mountain-top retreat.

Graham Hutchinson of Tradewinds Realty confirmed Thursday there has been an accepted offer on the 50-acre Scotsburn property that closed for business in April 2013.

“I do not represent the buyers and cannot divulge any details about them or the sale, but I can confirm that there is an accepted offer, conditions have been met, and it is hoped the sale will be completed by the end of August,” he said.

The Gunn family in Scotsburn closed the lodge and put it up for sale in April 2013, stating at the time they were ready to move on to a new chapter in life.

This was the first time Stonehame Lodge and Chalets, which consists of 10 lot chalets, three private guest rooms and 12 deluxe rooms and meeting facilities, closed in more than 16 years.

According the real estate website, the asking price for the lodge and chalets was $999,900. The buyer of the lodge and chalets could not be confirmed at this time.

In 2010, the Gunn family announced that Stonehame was being converted into a recreational condominium project. At the time, it was explained that the condo development would evolve in three phases with the 10 free-standing chalets being sold first. The second phase would see modification of the 12-unit Rock Maple Retreat units into six studio type units. Phase three would involve creation of three additional studio type units created in the main lodge building.

This plan never got the response the family sought and it continued operating until its indefinite closure was announced in 2013.