Happy ending for owner of misplaced ring

Published on January 11, 2016

STELLARTON – Lisa Bailey was awake most of Sunday night, as she kept touching the fourth finger on her left hand to make sure her anniversary ring was there, and that she didn’t dream that it was returned to her.

“I didn’t sleep all night. I can’t believe it.”

Bailey lost her ring three years ago while walking her dog Harley along the Albion Trail and through the town of Stellarton. During the outing, she took off her gloves, and upon arriving home, discovered that it was missing.

She was devastated by the loss. “There were many, many, many tears.”

Ever since, she and her husband Brett have been doing everything they can think of to find the missing piece of jewelry, including looking at pawn shops and daily on Kijiji to see if it would turn up there. “We’re always looking. That night we went down the trail and up on the street, but we had no idea where to look. We checked pawn shops all the time.”

On Sunday, the Stellarton resident finally got the good news she was hoping for. Although she was still searching, she had long ago given up hope that she would actually find her ring. “I thought there’s no way it’s mine – it’s been three years,” she said.

“It means so much – it’s irreplaceable to me. It was very emotional when I did get it back.”

She and Brett got married in 1993, and at the time, they were young and couldn’t afford to buy a diamond ring. When they celebrated their 10th anniversary, they went to Hawaii for the honeymoon they never had before, and he presented it to her at a luau. “I waited 10 years for it,” she said.

A photo they had taken that night was used to prove to the Stellarton Police Service that the ring belonged to her. The police department was able to match the ring through the photo and because it was the proper fit and perfect match to her wedding band.

Stellarton Police turned to social media recently to try to find the owners of two rings in their possession. Const. Nancy MacCulloch recently took over the duties of exhibit custodian for the police service, and as part of an audit, came across the rings. Because the rings were of value, she decided to try to find the owners.

“It was a happy ending,” she said. “I can only imagine how frantic she must have been. It’s very satisfying. We don’t always get a lot of happy endings.”

Bailey lost her ring near the end of the winter, and the police department has had it since July of that year. “It’s been here for the majority of the time. It was so close,” said MacCulloch.

Bailey is a hairdresser, and two of her clients saw the post about the rings and responded. When the police contacted her and found out how long her ring had been missing, they figured they had the rightful owner.

“It had been so long that I didn’t want to get my hopes up,” said Bailey.

MacCulloch said she’s had about a couple of dozen calls from people about the rings.

Bailey is grateful for social media and the person who turned in the ring to the police. “It was very overwhelming. I thank the police department so much for their persistence. It’s a miracle to me.”

While she said the ring isn’t an expensive one, “It means a lot to me.”

She said Brett was also astonished that the ring turned up. “He couldn’t believe it. It was his hard-earned money. He did offer to replace it, but it wouldn’t mean the same,” she said.

“It’s so incredible. Do not give up hope. There is an ending and it’s a happy one.”


Found property


Stellarton Police Service is in possession of one other diamond ring, found at the Scotiabank in the town and turned into the department in 2014.

Numerous attempts were made to locate the rightful owner, but have been unsuccessful.

If anyone knows of an individual who has lost a ring, please contact the Stellarton Police Service at 902-752-6160.