Pictou County participant in N.S. rally against Trump seeking knitters

Published on January 12, 2017

Donna MacGregor is shown making a “pussy hat,” a project taking place worldwide for participants to wear during the Women’s March on Washington and local events.


Donna MacGregor won’t be able to make it to Washington, D.C., next week as women march in protest of Donald Trump’s election, but she will be a part of the movement.

MacGregor will be travelling from Pictou County to Halifax on Jan. 21 and she hopes to have many “pussy hats” in hand, ready to place on the heads of those participating in a local rally in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington.

She is asking local knitters to join her in creating the pink hats with cat ears and drop them off at the Pictou County Women’s Resource and Sexual Assault Centre.

“Because I’m a feminist,” she said of why it’s important for her to be a part of the march in Nova Scotia, one of 14 events taking place in Canada around the same time, a day after Trump’s inauguration.

She said it’s because she believes women are beautiful and smart, noting many of the roles they play: mothers, sisters, daughters, wives.

“…They’re something wonderful and they don’t always feel that way. And they’re not always treated, a lot of time they’re not treated the way that they should be. And … Trump’s a prime example of a misogynist. I just want to be able to support women and to try to lift women up, because sometimes we need to be lifted. And if I can do something that will help, then I want to do that.”

The hats are not only to keep people participating in marches warm, but also to make a statement in a colour traditionally considered feminine.

The mission of the worldwide PussyHat Project is also to reclaim what has often been used as a derogatory term, including by the president-elect.

“We want to have a sea of pink and I think that will make a huge impact. It’s inspiring to me that you can use things like a word or a colour that means so much to what women are,” said MacGregor.

MacGregor said the pattern, which can be found at pussyhatproject.com, is very simple and took her a couple of hours to complete. She is hoping to collect as many as possible.

“…Whether I have four hats or 100 hats … the fact that I’m going from Pictou County with hats that women here have made and we’re giving it to another woman who could be from anywhere … they’re going to have that hat and it gives a connection to Pictou County as well and that way we are able to have an impact as well.”

She is asking anyone knitting hats to drop them off to the women’s centre in New Glasgow by Jan. 20.

MacGregor noted the Halifax event is a rally, rather than a march, to make sure it is inclusive for everyone, including those with mobility issues. Organized by Jackie Barkhouse and Dawn Ferris, it takes place from 1 to 3 p.m. on Jan. 21 at Grand Parade snow, rain or shine.