Mormon missionaries pass out free hot chocolate in New Glasgow

Published on January 8, 2017

Mallery Moojalsky and Olivia Hotchkiss give away hot chocolate in New Glasgow on Saturday.

©Kevin Adshade

NEW GLASGOW – It’s an easy sell; who wouldn’t want free hot chocolate on a cold winter day?

That’s what Mallery Moojalsky and Olivia Hotchkiss were doing on Saturday afternoon, standing on the corner of Dalhousie and Archimedes streets, with Moojalsky holding up a sign for passing motorists, while Hotchkiss poured the hot chocolate out of a large thermos and into styrofoam cups.

Both of them are spreading the word on behalf of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Sister Moojalsky is from the little farming community of Mountain View, Alberta – located in the southern part of that province – while Sister Hotchkiss is from Ottumwa, Iowa. (If that place sounds vaguely familiar, it’s where Radar O’Reilly, the character from M*A*S*H, called home. And yes, Hotchkiss knows of Radar).

Some motorists honked horns as they drove by and a few people stopped their vehicles to accept the offering.

“We want to warm people up on a on a cold day,” the 19-year-old Moojalsky said.

They’ve been in Nova Scotia for just a few weeks, and of course, they do the usual door-to-door thing as well. However, there is times when they have to get a little creative – hence, the hot chocolate.

“That’s our main source of contact with people around here,” said Hotchkiss, who is 20 years old. “There’s not a lot of people out on the streets.”

She added that most people are extremely friendly in this part of the world.

They aren't pushy about their religion while giving away the hot chocolate, but “if people ask,” Hotchkiss said, “we are willing to share our message.”