Work on Acadia Avenue slowed by obstacles

Published on August 10, 2017

Work continues on Acadia Avenue in Stellarton, with sewer line installation expected to be completed by early September.


STELLARTON – Supposed to be finished by the end of July, infrastructure work on Acadia Avenue is taking longer than expected.

Stellarton town engineer Blaine Murray said all the water lines are installed and connected, but sewer line installation continues.

“They’re running into underground infrastructure – obstacles they have to deal with,” he said, noting that this slows progress.

Murray said the sewer line work should be finished by the end of August or early September, and then the street will be paved.

Tupper’s Trucking is the contractor for the water and sewer renewal project, which is costing $2.4 million, funded by the municipal, provincial and federal governments. A separate contractor will complete the asphalt paving.

The New Building Canada Fund project involves installing new water lines between Grant and Beaufort streets, and sewer lines from Pleasant Street to Beaufort Street and on Pleasant from Foster Avenue to Acadia Avenue, a total of more than 3,000 metres of pipe.

The project began in August of last year, and met with delays in the fall when it took longer than anticipated to receive approval from the Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway to place the new water and sewer lines underneath the railway tracks that cross Acadia Avenue.

The setbacks caused motorists to deal with gravelled areas and patched asphalt on the street for much of the past year.