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County purchasing radar signs to deter speeding

PICTOU County council is moving ahead full speed with purchasing two radar signs.

Deputy Warden Wayne Murray said council should be purchasing two electronic speed signs sooner than later to help reduce speeding violations on its roads.

He said the topic was brought up at council in January and was going to be recommended to the police advisory board for its advice, but this board has yet to meet and the clocking is ticking by.

Some councillors thought that the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure should also have a say on the topic since the county will need its permission to place the signs in certain areas, but others said they were in favour of purchasing the signs first and working out the details later.

“You notice them and you slow down. They do work,” said Coun. David Parker. “Where we want them first is in and near school zones. We can put up a half a dozen posts and move them every five to 10 days. It’s the novelty of them so let’s try two and if we need more we will get them later.”

The signs are worth about $3,500 each and are portable. They can display a vehicle’s speed and record data for later use. Poles would need to be installed on the sides of roads to hold the signs.

A recommendation to purchase two electronic signs was approved by the property services committee and will be brought forth to council in May.

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