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County wants to shorten time dealing with unsightly properties

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PICTOU – County council wants to speed up the process in place that deals with unsightly properties.

Coun. Andy Thompson started off debate during a property services meeting Tuesday by asking for a more detailed report from the bylaw officer so he could determine where complaints are in his district.

This led to other councillors criticizing the length of time that it takes for action done on a complaint. Some councillors said they have been waiting over a year for something done to properties in their districts while others said it only took a few months.

“It is frustrating for me because I have a resident call and nothing will be done,” said Thompson. “It is not fair to criticize staff, but if we don't have the proper context about the amount of work she is doing in a month, then it is hard to judge what should be done. I have one that is 18 months old and when I walk in the neighbourhood, they don’t blame the bylaw control officer, they blame me.”

Warden Robert Parker agreed with Thompson that having unsightly properties not addressed in their districts does make elected officials look bad, but he said it is the process that needs to be improved, not the staff doing the job.

County CAO Brian Cullen said staff have addressed the need to improve the process in dealing with unsightly properties and are waiting on a report from the county’s solicitor on the matter.

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