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Dozens turn out early for official opening of Value Village in New Glasgow

Dozens of customers anxiously wait for the doors of Value Village to open.
Dozens of customers anxiously wait for the doors of Value Village to open.

For a wet and cold day, the turnout was large at the opening of Value Village at the Aberdeen Shopping Centre in New Glasgow Thursday morning as dozens of customers lined up to be among the first for the official opening.

Customers get their first look inside the New Glasgow Value Village.

Wendy MacDonald was among the early customers waiting in line. She has shopped at the Value Village in Charlottetown, she said and is happy there is one in New Glasgow now.

“You can find good stuff and it’s all in good condition,” she said.

Value Village is a thrift store chain that offers second hand clothing, footwear, furniture, books and household items. They have a partnership with Diabetes Canada, which collects the items which are sold at Value Village.

Linda Forrest said this is the third Value Village she will have shopped at. She’s been at the one in Charlottetown and New Minas in the past.

“They’re not bad. They have better prices than some of the other places,” Forrest said.

Kim Rogers said she has enjoyed shopping at the Moncton Value Village in the past.

“I love their displays,” she said. “I like that things are hung up. I don’t like rummaging through bins.”

She said you can usually find a good deal if you look for it.

“I live within walking distance so I’ll be here all the time,” she said.

Before the doors opened, store manager Tammy Burton thanked those who had come out early.

“My team has done a whole lot of work to get this store prepared. Inside you’re going to be truly amazed, because the work they’ve provided and done for you. They’ve put out a lot of quality items at very affordable prices, so I do hope that you enjoy this location.”

Value Village is unique she said because of the work they do with non-profits. In the last year Value Village gave $180 million to non-profits and over the past 10 years has given $1.5 billion.

A ribbon cutting was held Thursday morning for the official opening of Value Village in New Glasgow. It is located in the Aberdeen Shopping Centre.

“We love our earth and want to try to keep things out of the landfill,” she said. “Anything you no longer want and you donate to Diabetes Canada, we do our best to ensure that it is reused and we keep it out of the landfill. That’s something we’re proud to say we do.”

Town councillor Troy MacCulloch represented the town at the ribbon cutting.

“I know we’re all waiting for the Halloween costumes,” he said, citing one of the items that Value Village is most known for.

He said it’s great to have a store locally.

“In addition to the jobs, before they even had the sign on the wall they were asking how can they get involved in the community and what are the charities going on,” MacCulloch said. “That tells us what kind of corporate partner and community partner these guys are going to be.”

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