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NSCC student in Stellarton in running for garlic bread prize

Chef Gilles Godin and student Kevin Cameron.
Chef Gilles Godin and student Kevin Cameron.

Kevin Cameron believes you should do what you love for a career.

For a while he worked in sales and he loved that. He later worked as a bus driver and he loved that.

For a while he worked in sales and he loved that. He later worked as a bus driver and he loved that.

But he has a new love as of late. Cooking.

He said he got to a point in his life where he wanted a change and decided to pursue a new passion. Studying culinary arts at the Nova Scotia Community College in Stellarton seemed like the perfect fit.

“I enjoy cooking and I certainly love to eat,” he said with a laugh.

He has excelled in the program and now, thanks to a contest his instructor Chef Gilles Godin told him about, he’s spreading his love of great food even further.

Godin said he received a Facebook message recently about a contest that Furlani’s was putting on. It invited people to share their favourite ways to cook with Furlani products.

Cameron was the first and only person in the class to raise his hand expressing interest in doing the video.

So he and Godin set to work creating not only the perfect dish but the perfect 90-second video to sell it with.

Cameron said they had just finished a section on pastas so the deconstructed lasagna he chose for his recipe seemed like a perfect fit. “Pasta and garlic bread just goes together,” he said.

Although he had never made the particular dish before, he said he made similar meals. With Godin’s help he was able to come up with a good presentation of the dish.

To make sure they had time to explain what they made and how, they had all the food pre-cooked and shown in various stages for the video. Godin did the shooting while Cameron talked.

Cameron said he was pleased with not only how the video turned out but how the dish tasted too. While he’s honoured to hear that he’s one of three semifinalists in the running for the prize, he said he’s not surprised he had a winning recipe.

“Not slamming my competitors but anybody can make a plain old sandwich. Anybody can serve a dish and put garlic bread on the side, but this was something original. It was delicious.”

Voting for the competition ends March 23, at midnight. To vote for Cameron visit

Regardless of whether Cameron wins or not, Godin said the publicity is good for the program.

“The more that they talk about us the better it is for us. We want people to be interested in food or cooking.”

He said there is a big demand in the industry and already all his students have jobs.

“There’s a big demand for cooks,” Godin said.

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