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Town addressing details on academy ownership

PICTOU – The Town of Pictou says it won’t be taking over ownership of Pictou Academy until the paperwork is done.

Town council confirmed during Monday’s meeting that it is waiting for the subdivision of the property and the town is looking at insurance costs once it does assume ownership.

No timeline was mentioned as to when change of ownership will take place but it is expected sometime this fall.

The change is due to the fact that the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board recently moved grades 9-12 from the former Pictou Academy to the former Dr. Thomas McCulloch and renamed it as the academy.

When the school board is finished using a school, the property is turned over to municipalities. Since the former Pictou Academy is still on property being used by the school board, the land had to be subdivided in case the building is ever sold or demolished.


Pictou Fisheries Pool sees improvements

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PICTOU – Repairs are complete on the Pictou Fisheries Pool’s new high diving board.

The pool has reopened after scheduled maintenance work in August which included the installation of a new three-way valve system that will heat the pool more efficiently this year, said Pictou town staff.


Pictou rec adds to loan equipment

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PICTOU – Pictou recreation now has equipment for residents to use free of charge.

Town staff told council Monday that it has a docking station for paddle watercraft such as kayaks and canoes, but it also has a canoe to lend to residents free of charge. The canoe, along with snowshoes, bikes, and other game-related equipment, are available from the town hall as part of its Go Play program.


Tenders closing for Pictou water plant

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PICTOU – Tenders will close this week for the construction of a new water treatment plant in the Town of Pictou.

Town staff told council Monday that it expects five bids to be presented to the town and it is hopeful they will all come in near the proposed budget.

Staff said a successful meeting with potential bidders was held at the proposed site for the plant earlier this month.

The design of the water treatment plant was awarded to CBCL Limited. It will be built behind McCulloch Education Centre.

The $5 million water treatment plant will address high manganese and iron levels as well as low water pressure. It is the second of a two-phase upgrade for water in the town. Reduction chambers and boosting stations will also be installed in the distribution system to balance pressure during periods of peak demand.

Pictou’s existing water distribution system draws directly from groundwater wells that contain high levels of naturally occurring iron and manganese. Due to low water pressure of the town’s distribution system and the reaction of iron and manganese with chlorine disinfectants, these contaminants have settled and accumulated in distribution pipes. The project will significantly improve the treatment and distribution.


Pictou selects bid for paving work

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PICTOU – CF Construction has won the bid for fall paving work in the Town of Pictou.

Town staff announced last month that tender bids came in higher than expected so it went back to the paving companies in hopes of negotiating new costs.

Two bids were resubmitted and CF Construction was granted the work Monday during September’s committee meeting.

Streets that see sections of new paving will include Haliburton Road, Beeches Road, Water Street and West Cottage Street.

Work is expected to be completed by the end of November. The cost of all four paving projects comes in close to $335,000.


Pictou looking at wildlife problem

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PICTOU – The Town of Pictou wants its residents to stop feeding wildlife.

Pictou Mayor Jim Ryan told councillors Monday there is an overpopulation of pigeons and raccoons in the town that is causing concern among residents.

He asked that town staff find out if there is a town bylaw already about feeding wildlife, what other towns do to combat the problem and possible solutions for Pictou.

“It’s not a brand new problem but it is something that needs to be addressed,” Ryan said.

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