Creativity comes in many forms

Published on August 10, 2014

With all that’s going on in the county regarding job losses, pending job losses and what to do about emissions at the pulp mill, it might be easy to temporarily lose sight of all that’s positive. Ingenuity should never take a back seat.

A brief, brightener of an item in The News last week told of Scott Hoare, owner of the Coffee Bean in downtown New Glasgow, who had come up with the idea of the Pictou County Pizza Muffin. As the name suggests, ingredients include items usually found on pizza, including a hint of the distinctive pizza sauce the county is famous for – to the point of locals who have moved away having pizza shipped by courier.

Hoare said he was pleasantly surprised by the response to his invention. In a comment on he recounted having made a double batch of the unique muffins and plenty of patrons taking him up on the idea.

He also mentioned having been inspired by another person with local roots who had pitched his idea of Pictou County Pizza flavour in the Lays Potato Chip contest, Do Us a Flavour, inviting people to come up with a brand new chip variety.

If potato chips with such a distinct taste is a possibility, thought Hoare, why not muffins?

Indeed, why not. That’s the kind of experimentation and – we apologize for the cliché – thinking outside the muffin tin that comes up with something brand new.

Think about it. At one time there was no such thing as corn flakes, no such thing as peanut butter – no such thing as Pictou County pizza for that matter.

What’s often needed is a good dose of lateral thinking to come up with something entirely unthought of before.

Back on the topic of local economy and growth opportunity, this is one little snapshot of the kind of thing the Ivany Report pitched. Nova Scotians need to celebrate homegrown ideas and products. The celebration is essential. But the first step is the creativity and determination to try something new to come up with that product.