Applying early for Canada Pension –

Published on December 16, 2011

To the editor,

As Canadians – and please correct me if I'm wrong, and let me know if I'm on to something here – I'm told we can apply a year early for our Canada Pension, meaning I can apply when I'm 59 and receive my Canada Pension when I turn 60 years old. I hope luck is on my side to see this.

But, here is an interesting note. Could I apply for Canada Pension when I reach 59 years old plus three months? Most of us are in our mother's womb for nine months. Are we not alive there? Do the math: 59 years old, plus three months, plus nine months in the womb, does that not add up to a total of 60 years? Am I wrong or am I right  We do have a heart beat in the womb, don't we? Even if others don't think we do. But who's counting and who is the joke on?

So, please don't apply too, too early for your Canada Pension, even if you're fully developed, you may be rejected. What else would be new? Or would this be trying to swindle money and cause a scandal. All in Fun ! Or is it?

Howard Wilson

Hillside, Trenton