Open letter: Mayor Glenn MacKinnon and Trenton town council

Published on December 6, 2013

Your Worship and members of Trenton town council,

The recent revelation that the Alabama-based Canaan Land Ministries is applying to establish a home in the Town of Trenton that would welcome those who are in need of a turn-around in their lives is of great concern. Part of the “healing” is based on Bible studies and the leader Joshua Gober, has vocalized a hateful and decidedly homophobic and discriminatory speech to a recent meeting of town residents.

Mr. Gober has made it quite clear that gay men will not be welcome in this potential establishment. This is of great concern in that it is blatant discrimination against a section of our society that has attained equal rights in Canada and indeed deserves respect, as well as equal treatment as Canadian citizens. 

If Trenton town council approves this project it will certainly be a huge step back for equal treatment for the LGBT community in Pictou County and beyond.

I strongly urge the mayor and council to consider the consequences of this move.

Mr. Gober’s comments and actions are detrimental to the well-being, mentally and physically, to our citizens. Homophobia leads to discrimination and in turn activates violence, as has been the case recently in New Glasgow with the attack on Scott Jones. The Canaan Land Ministries obviously has every intention to speak out against the LGBT community.

Christianity, as I understand it, is about love and embracing all who inhabit this world. Perhaps I am mistaken. Mayor MacKinnon and council will hopefully decide on equal treatment for all citizens and reject a group that promotes homophobic hatred and stand by all the citizens of Trenton, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, mental illness, colour, religion, language and all other aspects that makes each of us unique.

Gerard Veldhoven, New Glasgow

LGBT Activist for Equality