‘Go green, get clean’: let’s keep it that way

Published on May 16, 2014

To the editor,
Over the past few weeks there have been ads about the environment about ‘go green, get clean,’ on radio and TV and in the local papers. 

And now our landscapes and forests are coming into bloom in this beautiful province of ours. A lot of work was done in cleaning up our landscape by so many groups that did a very good job. Now, one would say and think that everyone would like to keep it that way.

So the question is now, why? Yes folks, why do we see when we drive over our highways and byways everything from coffee cups, pop bottles and cans to bags of garbage by the sides of our roads that those groups worked so hard a few days ago to clean up? And why do I see pop cans and bottles on our street when I go out in the morning to pick up the morning paper?

Yes, the question is why do people have no pride in this wonderful province of ours? For it is so easy to carry a small bag in one’s car or truck and put one’s trash in. I have watched people come out of our local mall with a coffee cup in their hand and, yes, you guessed it, the cup in most cases ends up in the mall parking lot. It would have been so easy to put it in one of the garbage boxes that is beside the doors to the mall, and that goes for all garbage. So the question is still, why do people do this? I would say it is because people have no pride in keeping our landscapes clean and looking beautiful as well our highways and byways.

So folks the next time you go to throw a coffee cup or any kind of trash out your car window stop and think what you are doing. For someone will have to pick it up. That’s the way I see it. Thank you and enjoy this beautiful province of ours.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow