Twinning the Trans-Canada – statistics do not lie!

Published on July 16, 2014

To the editor,
Between Sutherlands River and Antigonish the Trans-Canada Highway is a single lane highway for 37 kilometres.

On this section of highway, my research reveals that since 2009 there have been 130 accidents with 13 fatalities to date – a dangerous 37 km.

This highway needs to be completely twinned and open within the next five years. The provincial government is devising their new five-year plan for infrastructure; shouldn’t this section be at the top of the list? However my understanding is that there is nothing planned at this time to look at twinning this death zone highway.

If there is $19-plus million that can be spent on the Bluenose II then there is certainly money available to make a dangerous highway safer for every person that travels on it. 

Please write our transportation minister, and our premier,  and your local MLA. Our taxes pay these people to represent, and making a highway safer is very good representation. Twinning a single lane major highway, that’s always a good choice. Statistics do not lie.

Tammy MacLaren

New Glasgow