Senior's acquired views in walk through time

Published on July 25, 2014

To the editor,
In my nine years at McGill (Montreal) in the 1950s, the tuition fees were about $325 per academic year and it took a 3 cent streetcar ticket to get from my parents’ simple apartment to the university. 

Today in Canada, the fees average $6,000 per year and with living expenses you have to add $20,000. Advanced education is no longer available to the poor but only for the children of the rich. I had a job before, during and after graduation; today all the best jobs have been outsourced to Asia.

Our governments are the hands of lobbyists who ignore the wishes and interests of the people. Professional "sports" such as the NFL, NBA, NHL and UFC are comparable to the barbaric gladiator fights in the Roman arena, whose purpose was to keep the masses entertained and not rebellious. Today, our professional athletes die a slow death from concussions and other injuries.

In my day, it was safe to walk on the streets of Montreal at all hours. Today, you need an armoured car. Drugs weren't issues. Today, once gentle Vermont (like many other states and provinces) is infested with drugs. Addicts in the small state of Vermont spend $2 million a week to escape reality. In my days, the government had serious programs to help the poor and disadvantaged. Today in the U.S., they jail them and make money at their expense and try to keep them locked up for life.

In the U.S. and Canada, the top one per cent refuse to pay any taxes and deposit their trillions in offshore banks. The level of greed has reached outer space to the extent that the super rich and the media (totally under their control) begrudge the people the crumbs that accidentally fall from their tables.

Our nation is going backwards at the speed of light.

Morris Givner, Halifax

Professor of Pathology (Ret.) and Associate Professor of Medicine (Ret.),

Dalhousie University