Time has come to fix mill problem for good

Published on August 1, 2014

To the editor,
Over the past several weeks and days the news both on the TV and in the daily newspapers as well on radio has covered the emissions that are coming from the pulp mill at Abercrombie point.

Now for myself, not being in the best of health, I find it very hard to go outside when the wind is blowing toward New Glasgow and our area. But then we are told that the pollutants are not of any harm to us.

Well I beg to differ, for it is a toxic fall-out from the mill. And I have a hard time to take a breath. And my wife and I always loved going down to the Town of Pictou. But it is out because the cloud of pollutants that hang over Pictou does not allow us  to breath at all if we go to the town. And furthermore, the shops that we used shop in are all closed or closing.

The union rep who was on TV talking about the jobs that could be lost – well I feel sorry for any anyone losing a job but what is more important, one’s health or a job? Now the taxpayers have put $123 million into the mill over the past few years. So I think we should have some say in this matter.

So now the time has come to shut the mill down and find and fix the problem for good so the people of Pictou County can breath and visit the Town of Pictou and bring back the tourists, and shops can reopen and not worry about toxic fall-out coming from the mill.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow