Something stinks in Pictou County

Letter to the Editor

Published on August 13, 2014

Something stinks in Pictou County, and this time it's not Northern Pulp

If anyone wanted to get factual information about air emissions and Northern Pulp, they wouldn't get it from local media.

Full page newspaper advertisements filled with errors and misinformation. Medical information based, not on fact or science, but anecdotal evidence and incredible stories. Two-pack-a-day cigarette smokers blaming their breathing problems, or worst, on the pulp mill.

It's time for local media reporters and editors to take a hard, long look in a mirror! Biased reporting with no attempt to find the truth, no verification of so-called "facts" or context to stories, no differing opinions, no objective analyses of information, options or consequences, just everyone running with the herd!

Any reporter after 15 minutes of research would know that in the early 1960's Industrial Estates Limited, under its first president, Frank Sobey, was instrumental in bringing Stora pulp and paper to Point Tupper and the Scott Paper kraft pulp mill to Abercrombie Point. County residents will remember how each time employees at the mill received a raise, prices in our local stores increased by the same amount!

The hypocrisy of our local politicians knows no bounds. What did the Progressive Conservative government led by John Hamm, with Pat Dunn, MLA for Pictou Centre and current party leader, Jamie Baillie, do to clean up Boat Harbour or the air emissions from the mill? Can you think of anything? Now they have all the answers -- they are going to heal the sick and cure the lame! Remember the old saying. How do you know when a politician is lying? His or her lips are moving.

Now we have Karla MacFarlane, Pictou West MLA and opposition economic development critic, stating in a news release, "Time keeps passing and more jobs are being lost. It's unacceptable."

Blaming the current Liberal government for losing jobs, yet she and Mr. Baillie want to close down the mill. The economy of Pictou County is going down the drain and both are pulling on the flush chain.

And to our illustrious business community that wants to close down the mill, what will you do to replace the lost jobs? Turn Pictou into Alice's Wonderland? Hire some more Temporary Foreign Workers, or create a handful of seasonal or part-time jobs at minimal wages?

Time for local media to start doing their collective jobs. Time to do some real reporting. Time to ask the basic questions of good reporting: Who? What? When? Where? and Why? No more bafflegabble! Start by telling Pictou County residents who the members of the Clean Pictou Air Group of Businesses are? We would all like to know who is speaking on our behalf.

Robert Christie

RR2 Trenton