Has Pictou County reached tipping point of no return?

Published on August 22, 2014

To the editor,
When we arrived in Pictou County in 2001 I was not aware how far down the road of decline the area had gone.

However, after attending many economic/community development meetings nothing changed. Perhaps the catastrophe theory applies to Pictou County, that is, systems can survive for a long time in a declining mode, however, the longer this continues the harder it becomes to rectify the situation until finally it reaches a tipping point at which time it is not possible or becomes so expensive that society abandons the situation (the young flee for opportunities elsewhere and the economic, social and physical infrastructures collapse). The available data seem to indicate this is occurring notwithstanding that Pictou County has produced or elected some very senior provincial and federal politicians.  

The forces of negative change are so strong that that those entrepreneurs large and small struggling to keep Pictou County breathing require a massive infusion of inspired and visionary leadership from our politicians, labour unions and all citizens. In the past Robert Stanfield and Frank Sobey Sr. provided such leadership. Now let us see what could have been done and still can be done.

Gerald Romsa