Driver hit dog, didn’t even bother to stop

Published on August 8, 2014

To the editor,
To the heartless driver who hit a dog on the Heron Road on Monday, Aug. 4, and didn’t stop: the dog was a beloved pet and a rescue.

He was let out on Monday and was going to pee when somebody hit him and didn’t even stop to see if he was all right. The owner found him on the side of the road when she went to find him after he didn’t come back. Another driver stopped when he saw him on the road. 

The dog was a rescue and very friendly but very big so the driver can’t say he didn`t see him (Ossie). The road only has three houses on and people do not slow down when they drive on it. There is a gravel pit on it and the trucks sometimes slow down but not always. There is an animal rescue farm where this is dog from. We have lots of rescues there.

I hope the driver sees this and shows some remorse for what they did, They killed a very lovable animal and he will be missed very much by all the animals two- and four-legged on the farm.

Thanks very much for letting me vent to you. The volunteers of Eartharc Farm will miss you Ossie.

Faye Horne-Decoste, Westville

For Eartharc farm