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LETTER: Cuts shouldn’t hurt the vulnerable

In response to questions about education funding Premier McNeil often snaps back with: “What would you cut? Should I cut health to fund education? Should I take away from our most vulnerable?”

Letters to the editor

These are false choices that only confirm that Premier McNeil is in over his head. It’s sad, but I am more and more convinced that he really doesn’t know what to do.

Three years ago he should have set to work putting us on a path to grow the economy, grow the tax base and start to move us to a place where we will have more money to provide services. He hasn’t. Instead, he blindly cut and cut so much that even he forgets the depths to which he has already cut. Maybe he meant to ask "should I take more from our most vulnerable" because, in fact, he has already cut $8.2 million from the continuing care budget (i.e. money for vulnerable people) over the last two years.

Locally, Glen Haven Manor’s funding was cut by $273,249 and Valley View Villa’s by $151,361. These are deep cuts.

Meanwhile, while Premier McNeil nickel and dimes our seniors, under the watch of the McNeil Liberals there has been $800,000 (Agriculture), $700,000 (Environment) and $430,000 (Education) spent on “travel” expenses in the last year alone. Think about this in comparison to the local cuts. Sad, isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, travel will always be necessary, but this shows Premier McNeil’s wonky priorities.

Premier McNeil tells our seniors, students and working families to do without but when there is work to be done growing the economy (or travel to be had) he is silent. What a shame.  

Will he suddenly get to work this year? We all should hope because while it’s never too late, the clock is ticking.

Tim Houston

MLA, Pictou East

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