History and multiple inspirations make Crash Karma strong

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Canadian super group to play Jubilee

TORONTO – Scheduling may not always be easy for Crash Karma due to their other projects, but when the group manages to find time to perform and make records together, they’re better for it.

Crash Karma, the compilation of members from Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth, Zygote and The Tea Party, rock the Jubilee stage on Aug. 1. SUBMITTED

That’s Mike Turner’s opinion, anyway.

“I think as an artist, it’s healthy to have multiple pursuits. If you are purely engrossed in one thing, your inspiration is going to be a little bit more rare,” Turner, guitarist for Crash Karma and owner of The Pocket Studios in Toronto, said.

As a producer, Turner is able to pick up other influences by sticking around the studio.

He’s done recordings in swing, East Indian classical, hip hop, and with Alert The Medic, to name a few.

“I love the studio. It’s a great place for me now because you never know what’s coming through the door,” he said. “Multiple points of inspiration are valuable. If it results in a bit of a time management crisis, so be it.”

Turner says that for him, making records just gives him an excuse to play live.

He’ll do just that when the band performs at The New Glasgow Jubilee on Aug. 1.

“Going out and playing live – that’s the most fun I know how to have.”

Playing shows on the East Coast are some of the best ones, he says.

Music is a part of the fabric of life here, more so than anywhere else he’s played, Turner says.

“There are those that say, ‘you know what? There’s just not enough money to tour out there.' Canada ends somewhere around Quebec City in a lot of people’s touring mind.”

He’s looking forward to returning to the area as an opener for Danko Jones.

He describes the group’s namesake, Jones, as a ‘monster,’ transforming from a thoughtful, intelligent man to a snarling performer.

“It’s coming from a very real place. It’s not an act. He just taps into a side of his personality that I love watching. Danko is utterly fearless when he goes out there.”

Crash Karma approaches their music in a similar fashion.

As they’ve all had and continue to have successful careers, Turner as the former guitarist for Our Lady Peace, singer Edwin previously of I Mother Earth, Jeff Burrows as the current drummer for The Tea Party, and bassist Amir Epstein with Zygote, there’s no pressure to prove anything.

They’re committed, but comfortable with their own talents.

Each member brings a piece of their musical history to the band. Though they’re not trying to duplicate that work, it’s a part of who they are, Turner says.

“If you like those bands, then there’s elements in our material you’re going to like.”

He said their first single, Awake, ended up being a perfect example of that, a combination of each of their past and current musical endeavours.

That was back in 2009. Since then, they’re released two full-length albums, and have gotten to know each other as more than acquaintances.

They came into the band with mutual respect for each member. Most things haven’t changed for the group, including the level of respect, but it is easier to let their guard down, Turner says, and have more fun.



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