Green and Parsons win Midget Championships

Published on July 10, 2012

By: Christopher Cameron

Going into Tuesday's final round of the Girls Midget Golf Championship Elizabeth Parsons trailed the leader Allison Chandler by three strokes.

She would come from behind in the second round to capture the title at Abercrombie Country Club, shooting a 94 to defeat Chandler by one stroke.

In her final year in the midget age group she says this was also her first year playing in the championship. Although that is the case she has been playing competitive golf for the past three seasons.

“Since I’m 14 I decided to play a Midget Championship before I was too old since I had not played in the past,” said Parsons. “I just wanted to play the best I could and I was surprised to win because Allison is very good. Coming out and winning today put me in complete shock.”

She said that the second round was mainly focused on beating the score from the day before, her against the course, not her against Chandler.

“I was thinking lower than yesterday’s score and hoping that would be enough to win, rather than trying to simply win,” she said. “Monday my putting was pretty bad, but today it was a lot better. I just focused on the speeds of the greens and getting those down before getting the alignment.”

She said that she entered this tournament hoping to have fun and was focusing on the Junior British Open in Manchester and the Optimist World Golf Tournament in Palm Beach, Florida that she is participating in in coming weeks.

Dominating the boy’s field, Luke Green would win the Midget Championship by nine strokes.

This was his third year in the tournament, finishing in the top ten in the past two years. He said he had to stay mentally focused to be able to win the championship.

Playing at Abercrombie he says the course tested his irons the most.

“The greens were hard today so you had to be careful which club you chose because the ball was bouncing all over the place,” he said. “After I got there I had to focus on making my putts and I was able to figure out the tough greens.”

Being the leader after the first round he said there was some added pressure going into the second round, but dealt with his nerves by focusing on having a good start.

“I just wanted to shoot a good front nine score and keep it together on the back and I think I did that pretty good,” he said. “It’s nice to win it the way I did in the last year and it definitely makes me happier than the last few years. I expected to make the top five, but after I got a good first round score in I thought it was within reach.”

Midget boys final results (top 40)

1. Luke Green, Ashburn GC (Kinsac), +15

2. Liam Delehanty, Ashburn GC (Kinsac), +24

3. Shaun Margeson, Oakfield CC, +25

4. Taylor Brown, Ken Wo CC, +26

5. Drake Batherson, Ken Wo CC, +27

T6. Ben MacDonald, Ashburn GC (Halifax), +28

T6. Ben Peres, Ashburn GC (Kinsac), +28

8. Matthew Warner, Ashburn GC (Kinsac), +30

9. Sean Smith, Lingan CC, +31

10. Greg MacDonald, Ashburn GC (Halifax), +32

11. Bradley Dawe, Brightwood G & CC, +34

T12. Liam Carmichael, Ken Wo CC, +36

T12. Alex Roach, Oakfield CC, +36

T14. Ben Deveau, Clare G & CC, +37

T14. Aiden Hickey, Oakfield CC, +37

T16. Mitchell Burke, Seaview G & CC, +38

T16. Matt Green, Ashburn Golf Club (Kinsac), +38

18. Grant Fraser, Abercrombie CC, +40

T19. Devon DeCoste, Oakfield CC, +41

T19. Patrick Jackson, Truo GC, +41

T19. David McNair, Brightwood G & CC, +41

22. Kyle Wagner, Abercrombie CC, +42

23. Joel McCrossin, Amherst GC, +43

24. Drew Ward, Ken Wo CC, + 44

T25. Charlie Doran, Brightwood G & CC, +45

T25. Mackenzie Cadwell, Seaview G & CC, +45

27. Ryan O’Hearn, Brightwood G & CC, +47

T28. Ian McLean, Ken Wo CC, +48

T28. Brandon Cuvelier, Hartlen Point Forces GC, +48

30. Benjamin Klassen, Oakfield CC, +50

31. Tyler Syms, New Waterford, +51

T32. Jack Anderson, Ashburn GC (Halifax), +52

T32. Donny Comeau, Clare G & CC, +52

T32. Mark Chandler, Chester GC, +52

35. Ian Fraser, Seaview G & CC, +53

36. Matthew Chandler, Chester GC, +55

T37. Noah Pearson, Oakfield CC, +56

T37. Cameron Wile, Windsor GC, +56

T37. Alexander Nemeskeri, Chester GC, +56

T40. Rowan McNutt, Mountain G & CC, +57

T40. Matt Duggan, Osprey Ridge GC, +57

Midget girls final results

1. Elizabeth Parsons, Northumberland Links GC+44

2. Allison Chandler, Chester GC, +45

3. Meghan McLean, Ken Wo CC, +59

4. Gillian Cumby, Ken Wo CC, +60

5. Heather McLean, Ken Wo CC, +74

6. Abbie Wisener, Hartlen Point Forces GC, +75

7. Darcy Fuller, Ken Wo CC, +80

8. Mae Batherson, Ken Wo CC, +85

9. Sara Cumby, Ken Wo CC, +93

10. Rachel Mader, Ken Wo CC, +106