Little looking for second straight title

Nova Scotia Golf Association Championships

Published on July 11, 2012

Through three rounds of play, Westville’s Bernadette Little has positioned herself to win a second straight NSGA Junior Championship.

Little shot a 74 in her third round putting herself eight over for the championship, 12 shots ahead of fellow Abercrombie member Julia Henderson who struggled in third round play.

On the boys side a three-way tie between Brett McKinnon, Matt Gallupe and Ryan Nowe was broken up in third round play. McKinnon had an even round, entering the fourth round five over, while Gallupe trails by two shots and Nowe by three. The threesome will tee off at 11:00 a.m. today as the final group of the championship.

Junior boys Round 3 leaders (top 40)

1. Brett McKinnon, Bell Bay GC, +5

2. Matt Gallupe, Brightwood G &CC, +7

3. Ryan Nowe, Osprey Ridge GC, +8

4. Andrew Reid, Grandview G & CC, +13

T5. Myles Creighton, Digby Pines GR and Spa, +19

T5. Ian Lewis, Oakfield CC, +19

T5. Bradford Curren, Oakfield CC, +19

T8. Lincoln Bradley, Seaview G & CC, +20

T8. Bobby Dunphy, Antigonish G & CC, +20

T10. Keith Legge, Truro GC, +21

T10. Peter Ryan, Osprey Ridge GC, +21

T12. Bruce Tomie, Northumberland Links GC, +22

T12. Daniel Keays, Ashburn GC (Halifax), +22

T12. Parker Joseph Muzzerall, Berwick Height GC, +22

15. Neal Ryan, Antigonish G & CC, +25

T16. Colin MacKinley, Oakfield CC, +27

T16. Brett Chiasson, Grandview G & CC, +27

T18. Alex Feltmate, Oakfield CC, +28

T18. Luke Green, Ashburn GC (Kinsac), +28

T20. Owen Patterson, Ashburn GC (Halifax), +29

T20. Adam Gardner, Paragon G & CC, +29

T20. Nicholas Bruce, Oakfield CC, +29

23. Matt Flinn, Osprey Ridge GC, +30

24. Brock Dewar, Truro GC, +32

T25. Evan Starratt, Truro GC, +33

T25. Liam Fullerton, Osprey Ridge GC, +33

T27. Brett McLanders, Lingan CC, +34

T27. Corey Marcotte, Paragon G & CC, +34

T27. Jonathan Loder, Brightwood G & CC, +34

T27. Joseph MacDonald, Seaview G & CC, +34

T31. Brendan Smith, Lingan CC, +35

T31. Shaun Margeson, Oakfield CC, +35

T31. Liam Delehanty, Ashburn GC (Kinsac), +35

34. John Deacon, Ken Wo CC, +36

35. Connor Westhaver, Liverpool GC, +38

T36. Ben Pares, Ashburn GC (Halifax), +40

T36. Drake Batherson, Ken Wo CC, +40

T36. Colton Parsons, Paragon G & CC, +40

39. Nick den Hartog, Ken Wo CC, +41

T40. Nicholas Carmichael, Seaview G & CC, +42

T40. Mitchell Fisher, Oakfield CC, +42

Junior girls Round 3 leaders

1. Bernadette Little, Abercrombie CC, +8

2. Julia Henderson, Abercrombie CC, +20

3. Emily Romkey, Oakfield CC, +40

4. Mairi Keay, Abercrombie CC, +62