Play the Pros back for sixth straight year

Published on July 26, 2012
Joey MacDonald stops a shot during the Play the Pros kids game last year at the John Brother MacDonald Stadium.

After receiving continuous support from their communities Jon Sim, Colin White and the Play the Pros Society will continue to give back the their community for the sixth straight year.

“It’s huge being able to do this after the 13 to 14 years we’ve played pro and we’ve had a lot of supporters and a lot of people help us along the way so we wanted to find a way to give back,” said Sim.

Giving kids the chance to play hockey is the main reason that Sim and White helped begin the annual Play the Pros fundraising event, aside from giving back to other children’s charities.

“We choose different charities, but mostly it’s for underprivileged kids to play hockey and donate gear throughout Pictou County through the NHLPA Goals and Dreams program,” said Sim. “So far in six years we’ve donated up to 150 sets and the money alone is over $140,000. Hopefully we’ll help put a kid through hockey and maybe he’ll get to the live the dream we got to live.”

The day consists of a kids game in the afternoon follow by an adult game at night, played at the John Brother MacDonald Stadium. There is also a silent and live auction, as well as comedians after the adult game.

Coming up with this plan came after bouncing around different ideas, such as playing golf in some form.

“We enjoy doing golf tournaments as well, but this is a different activity,” said Sim. “You get to go out and play hockey with the NHL guys and mess around in the locker room. It’s just a lot of fun being able to do this with the kids and adults from the area.”

Each summer the players all travel home, rather than staying in the respective cities where they play throughout the season. White said it’s about that feeling of home and stepping away from work.

“You like to get away from your job you know and it’s a great get away to come back here for us,” he said. “It’s a lot slower paced, which personally I like because the hustle and bustle of the city gets to you after awhile. It’s nice to see family and friends and enjoy where we grew up.”

“The biggest thing for us is getting the kids involved because it’s great to have a dream, but along the way you make a lot of friends and it’s a confidence builder just to be a part of team,” said White. “Most of us have made our friends through hockey so we like to give them the same chance to play sports that we did.”

In Brief

Date: Aug. 11

Location: John Brother MacDonald Stadium

To sign up for kids game contact Dave Wilson: 755-4780

To sign up for the adult game contact Craig Clarke:

Players expected to be in attendance

Jon Sim

Colin White

Joey MacDonald

Dave Mcintyre

Brad Marchand

Andrew Bodnarchuk

Gordie Dwyer

Carmen MacDonald