Plenty of volunteers coming from the Westville Gentlemen's Hockey League

Published on January 28, 2013

WESTVILLE – The News had photos of all the Pictou County Minor Hockey teams in their paper last week with familiar faces standing in the background. A lot of our players donate their time as coaches, assistant coaches, managers, trainers and more.

There was lots of action at the Westville Sports Centre on Sunday night as the Acropole Blues handed Highland Nissan yet another loss by a score of 10-7. Top scorers for the Blues were Mark Bannerman (3), Ken Gordon Jr. (2), Mark Jordon (2), John Behie (2) and Jody Hamper (1). Blues defenceman Archie Mathews was happy with the win but he would like a shot at centre some time soon.

"I trained my dog Stanley (cup),to drop the puck while my girlfriend and I practice faceoffs in the basement,” he said. “I can beat her three out of four times and I think I'm ready for Decoste and MacNaughton."

Nissan's goals came from Billy Kontuk (3), Joe Reim (2), Brian Gratto (1) and Norm Seymour (1). New comers Dave Bugden and Bernie Murphy were sitting in the corner of the dressing room after the game and were overheard saying, "my legs were like rubber tonight, how about yours, maybe we should have stayed at the camp and tried our luck at the smelt fishing. "

The second game of the night had a wide-open tempo but very low scoring game with Doc's Demon coming out on top with a score of 5-4 over the dejected Bestway Panthers. Leading the way for Docs with two goals each were John Burke and Jason MacKay, while old faithful Dave MacKinnon fired the winner. Replying for the Panthers were Chris MacDonald with two goals while Mark Dobson and Lou Smith picked up singles.

“We fell off the bike early tonight and just couldn't peddle all the way back,” said Panther’s goalie Clint Snell. “We'll be there next time."

There will be two more games on Wednesday night but games will be cancelled on Sunday due to the Super Bowl.