Mother and son duo preparing for bodybuilding provincials

Annette Guthro became interested after seeing her son compete

Published on December 9, 2013
Annette Guthro and her son, Peter, pose for a photo before recently competing in the East Coast Classic novice bodybuilding competition in late November. Both finished second in their respective categories.

STELLARTON – Although Peter Guthro had only competed in one bodybuilding competition, his mother Annette decided it was something she would like to try because of him.

She started preparing just 10 weeks before the East Coast Classic novice bodybuilding competition in late November, finishing second in the women’s figure masters division out of 15 competitors. Peter finished second out of seven in the light-heavyweight division. (Click here for full results)

“That was one of the highlights, to be able to compete with my son,” said Annette. “I’ve been in fitness and working out for 20 plus years and here I am 43 years old competing for the first time. Could I have done it a long time ago? Probably, yes, but Peter inspired me and is why I became interested in getting into this.”

Starting to work towards the November competition between 18 and 15 weeks out, Peter didn’t initially know his mother would be competing at the same competition, but said it was a great experience.

“It’s very interesting and we get a lot of compliments on it too,” said Peter. “We get to experience together, my second competition and her first. We stayed in the same hotel together, drove up together and it was a good bonding experience.”

Annette’s initial goal was to prepare for the provincial event on March 29, but she realized she needed to qualify through the November event. Due to other commitments she wasn't able to start preparing until 10 weeks out.

“I was so eager and determined to do this that I decided to, what was called ‘trust the process,’” she said. “Basically the diet, with the intense training, worked and gave me that confidence to move on. Now after seeing what I could do with that limited time, what can I do with 15 weeks to prepare?”

When she started preparing for the November qualifier her goal was just to get on stage and be confident, although being competitive she never wants to lose.

“I’m extremely competitive so my expectations on a personal level was to hit the stage and if I hit the stage then to me I had accomplished my personal goals, but on a competitive side I wanted first,” said Annette. “Top five was a reality for me and as long as I hit the top five I was content because that took me to my end result, which was to be able to compete in provincials.”

Both are currently trying to get back into the idea of dieting, meal preparation and getting everything organized for their training schedule in preparation for provincials.

“Since you deprive yourself of so much for those last six weeks, you’re going to be craving everything right after the competition,” said Peter. “You get a little time to actually go and have food. With the East Coast Classic I was 18 weeks out, but now we’re 16 weeks out for provincials and the grind time is the last 15 weeks.

“Right after a competition you’re almost at your weakest point by the time you get on stage because you’re not eating a lot because you want to make sure you’re tight for the show and that you aren’t bloated or holding water.”

Peter had trainer Santana Anderson help him prepare for their last competition. Annette will also be consulting Anderson for provincials as she didn’t have time to get a trainer for her last competition, trusting in her dieting as well as consulting Peter as much as possible to help her train.

“I want to go after that title at provincials and eventually go to a national level,” said Annette. “I think my goal is going to – obviously I want first, but that’s not my realistic goal at my first provincial show – I want to finish in the top three, enough to move onto national. I’m not going to take that time off this year for nationals, instead look to do that by the time I’m 45.”

Peter also wants to finish in the top three to qualify for nationals. Even if he does he won’t attend, as he wants to next attend Atlantics a week later before taking a year off to work on going up a weight class.

Although it is an individual sport, both look forward to provincials and hope they will both be successful.

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