Gryphons varsity boy’s basketball win tourney

Published on January 12, 2014
The North Nova Gryphons varsity boy’s basketball team posses with their plaque and trophy after winning the Central Kings Basketball Festival. Front row from left: Elijah Boucher, Henry Munro, Liam Spears, Colin MacIntosh and Dylan Perry. Back row from left: Parker Byrne, Colby Russell, Conner MacGillivray, Daniel Johnson, Campbell DeMont, Michael Williams, Jesse Todd, Jalen Johnson and J.C. MacRae. 

The North Nova varsity boy’s basketball team was undefeated on the weekend, winning the Central Kings Basketball Festival.

In December Central Kings defeated the Gryphons 72-44, but on Friday the NNEC upset the Gators 63-58 on their home court. Campbell DeMont had a huge game with 32 points to lead the Gryphons.

Daniel Johnson added 16 points and rookie Jalen Johnson had nine. DeMont was named the Gryphons player of the game.

On Saturday the Gyphons defeated Bridgewater 77-51, with DeMont leading the team again, this time with 18 points. Fellow senior Conner MacGillivray had a strong game and netted 17 points. Henry Munro added seven in the win. 

MacGillivray was named the Gryphon player of the game. 

In the championship game the Gryphons defeated Antigonish East 74-52.

The Mustangs hit three, three-pointers to narrow the margin to five points in the third quarter, but the Gyphons responded with timely baskets of their own to secure the win.

DeMont led the team with 18 points; Munro added 13 and Liam Spears chipped in 10. Munro was named Grpyhon's players of the game. 

DeMont was named the MVP of the tournament.

The tournament victory was their first in two years and the team’s last road trip of the season.